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Advocate Morgan Bostic on KSCO's Good Morning, Monterey Bay

December 21, 2020

Morgan Bostic talks to Good Morning, Monterey Bay's Rosemary Chalmers about the UC's proposal to increase enrollment by nearly 44% without committing to tie growth to critical resources, like housing.
To listen to our segment jump to the 95-minute timestamp.

Berkeley neighborhood group wins right to sue UC Berkeley over increased enrollment 

June 26, 2020

A state appeals court overturned a lower court ruling tossing out the case. UC Berkeley says it will appeal to the California Supreme Court.

Growth Magazine, 

A student-produced magazine on UCSC expansion. 

Spring 2013

This project was initially designed as an introduction to the issue of the campus expansion, but it has become much more than that. The debate over campus expansion is multifaceted, raising questions about colonialism, UC politics, regional water scarcity, endangered species protection, and the meaning of university education, among others.